Saturday, September 4, 2010

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  1. Congrats! The blog made the USAToday Travel section on Friday Sept 3, 2010. Your blog is great. I love your sense of humor. I also write a blog I would love for you to read, follow, spread the word etc. Fly safely! Penni P

  2. USA Today was where I found your blog; congrats! Yes - your job is one I would find very tough, and I work in a Russian kindergarten teaching 3-4 year olds to behave :) We fly more these days as budget airlines make it easier to afford; yet the stress levels are higher than ever. It only gets WORSE when airline staff treat passengers like cattle, and sooo much better when they smile and stay human. Ditto for you of course. Interesting note: more of us are flying more than ever before, and the internet has raised knowledge levels to new heights. Prophesied in Daniel 12:4... so I guess we really are in the "time of the end" = last days! (Check out Thanks, and wish you the best!